Carpet Gripper Installation and Care Tips

11 Jun

 If you are in the market for new flooring for your home or office then I recommend you shop for carpet grippers before installing. The reason is simple. If you have installed a carpet then you are obligated to maintain it. Carpet installation is not an exception. If there is something you are not sure of then it's time to get the experts to take a look at it. ======== Measure the first length of your carpet. Now, how to measure for carpet grippers with carpet nails and tacks. Take a picture of it if you can and email it to me. Also look, at the best of your judgment, at what other certified professional sellers are saying about the various brands of carpet tacks and nails. The first of those is attaching the carpet nails or tacks to the underlayment underneath the carpet. 

Make a mark on the underlayment just above where the carpet grippers at will go. You can use a pencil or other marking device. This will be used to identify which edges of the fitted flooring will be connected to which edges of the felt backing. This marks the edges of the carpet gripper on the felt board. 

Cut along the marked line and remove the nail. There should be a cut line in the center of the rubber or metal pole. You will use this as your cutting point when you trim the excess length from the carpet grippers and nail or tack the edges together. Make the cut along the perimeter of the underlayment. This will be the area that the carpet grippers will adorn when they are fitted to the edges of the floor. Get more facts about flooring at

Using the hammer and chisel, carefully remove about two-thirds of an inch from the edges of the carpet grippers and the felt strips. Then, using the same size of chisel or hammer, carefully score the bare edges of the tacks and felt strips. Score lines inside the carpet grippers so they will be well hidden when the carpet grippers are positioned over the adhesive strips or nails. This will also help secure the tacks into place without marring the surface of the flooring. 

You will need to remove at least another two inches from the edges of the carpet grippers at and cut the strips so that they lie at right angles to the carpet edges. Score these two inch strips to shape them according to the pattern design. Place these cut strips and their edges next in the pattern of the edges. Fasten the glue strip or tacks through the fasteners that are holding the carpet grippers in place. Finish with smoothing and edging tape strips to cover the fasteners.

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