Carpet Grippers - Installation For Beginners

11 Jun

 If you are putting in carpet at a new home, you will want to make sure that you have the correct measurements for the room before you install it. To measure for your carpet GripperBilt, simply place each carpet gripper in place a few inches away from the edges of your room. This can be enough if you are putting carpet on top of an existing carpet however if you are replacing a carpet that already exists you will need to measure down each carpet foot and therefore place each carpet gripper one foot away from the previous one. 

 Prepare the sub floor. You should always prep the floor before laying new carpet grippers. Start by making sure any loose dirt has been removed by vacuuming. Then place each carpet gripper in place a few inches away from the edges of your room, facing up with the sticky side facing outwards. Then you should use an adhesive to attach the gripper to the sub floor using duct tape. 

 Use a good quality wood or plastic tack strip to anchor each carpet gripper down. You can purchase these tack strips at any hardware store. Then take each strip and place one across the baseboard behind the door and another one around each corner where the door meets the wall. You will want to mark these areas off with a pencil so you don't screw things up. Now you are ready to start installing your carpeting. 

The key to correctly installing carpet fitting strips at is to make sure that you start at the edge of the floor and tack each strip to the wall and then to each piece of carpet. You should never tack each strip to the floor directly. This can lead to warping that can later cause additional damage to your floor. Instead start along the floor farthest from the door and run the carpet fitting strip along the floor until it touches the first tack strip and then run a straight line from the end of that strip to the other end of the strip. 

Start nailing each carpet gripper to the tack strips and to the sub-floor at about an inch every foot. The distance between the carpet grippers and the floor is going to depend on your room size. Once you have the entire floor covered, you will then want to nail each individual strip. Nail each nail in half, and then use a self-tapping nail set (if available) to nail each strip in place. Be sure not to nail too far into the floor. Read more about flooring at

 Be sure to wear ear protection when you run these nails though as the last thing you want to do is to knock a hole in your eardrum. Once all of your carpet grippers are installed, re-caulk the edges of the room's sub floor. Then reinstall the door frame and put everything back together. Be sure to take a look here!

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